religious orientation

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Noun1.religious orientation - an attitude toward religion or religious practices
orientation - an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs
agnosticism - a religious orientation of doubt; a denial of ultimate knowledge of the existence of God; "agnosticism holds that you can neither prove nor disprove God's existence"
atheism, godlessness - the doctrine or belief that there is no God
anti-Catholicism - a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism
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Unless they are in a state of war, Muslims may make treaties and agreements of coexistence with non-Muslim groups regardless of their religious orientation and affiliation.
Such humanitarian achievements reflected the gracious and compassionate image of Kuwait in the international arenas, as Kuwait since its independence, has been keen in offering assistance and relief to people and countries in need, disregarding their geographical ethical or religious orientation, he said.
As initially conceptualized, the Intrinsic Religious Orientation Scale records an adaptive attempt of individuals to sincerely live their faith, whereas the Extrinsic Religious Orientation Scale assesses an often more maladaptive use of religion to accomplish other ends (Allport & Ross, 1967).
On rare occasions, someone calling for an appointment will ask about my religious orientation.
The English versions of the revised Religious Fundamentalism Scale (RFS-12), the Intratextual Fundamentalism Scale (IFS), and the revised Intrinsic/ Extrinsic Religious Orientation Scale (I/E-R) were translated into Italian, according to standard procedures of forward and back-translation (Van der Vijver & Leung, 1997).
8 (SUNA) - The Minister for Religious orientation and Endowment, Al Fatih Tajul Sir has stressed that the role played by the Presidency of the Republic in overlooking the Hajj programme, serves as impetus to better efforts exerted by his ministry in provision of Hajj services, notwithstanding challenges the country is facing.
Although Allport's definitions were clearly value-laden and reflected a conservative Christian perspective, considerable research has utilized both his concepts and the Religious Orientation Scale (R.
The cultural heritage of a place, independent of national and religious orientation, has to remain untouched in time, in the occurrence of armed conflict, in order to be bequeathed as historical testimony of the worldwide history of mankind to the future generations.
Suppose A is one of a dozen countries whose political, ethnic, or religious orientation is one of hatred toward the political, ethnic, or religious orientation of B.
Much of the secular world has focused on problems of traditional organized authoritarian religion, but has had little concern for the equally problematic modern religious orientation toward the self.
In it, the researchers develop a new religious orientation scale that combines theological, economic and social outlooks to classify respondents.
Elsewhere in the Middle East, Christians continue to be targeted for no other reason than their religious orientation.