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tr.v. re·lin·quished, re·lin·quish·ing, re·lin·quish·es
1. To give up or abandon (control of something or a claim, for example).
2. To put aside or desist from (something practiced, professed, or intended); stop doing or adhering to.
3. To let go; surrender: relinquished the lands by treaty.
4. To cease holding physically; release: relinquish a grip.

[Middle English relinquisshen, from Old French relinquir, relinquiss-, from Latin relinquere : re-, re- + linquere, to leave; see leikw- in Indo-European roots.]

re·lin′quish·er n.
re·lin′quish·ment n.
Synonyms: relinquish, yield, resign, abandon, surrender, cede, waive, renounce
These verbs mean letting something go or giving something up. Relinquish, the least specific, may connote regret: can't relinquish his dream of emigrating. Yield implies giving way, as to pressure, often in the hope that such action will be temporary: had to yield ground. Resign suggests formal relinquishing (resigned their claim to my land) or acquiescence arising from hopelessness (resigned himself to forgoing his vacation). Abandon and surrender both imply no expectation of recovering what is given up; surrender also implies the operation of compulsion or force: abandoned all hope for a resolution; surrendered control of the company. Cede connotes formal transfer, as of territory: ceded the province to the victor. Waive implies a voluntary decision to dispense with something, such as a right: waived all privileges. To renounce is to relinquish formally and usually as a matter of principle: renounced worldly goods.
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Adj.1.relinquished - that has been withdrawn or retreated from
unoccupied - not seized and controlled; "unoccupied areas of France"
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In ancient times the power of the kings extended to everything whatsoever, both civil, domestic, and foreign; but in after-times they relinquished some of their privileges, and others the people assumed, so that, in some states, they left their kings only the right of presiding over the sacrifices; and even those whom it were worth while to call by that name had only the right of being commander-in-chief in their foreign wars.
He had relinquished his marriage with Christine Daae.
Being childless, she could not remain beautiful by proxy, in the person of a daughter; she therefore refused to grow old and ugly, on any consideration; she struggled with Time, and held fast her roses in spite of him, till the venerable thief appeared to have relinquished the spoil, as not worth the trouble of acquiring it.
He relinquished them with an agreeable smile, and combated with the door as if it were a wild beast.
Here also we should preserve by Union, an advantage which nature holds out to us, and which would be relinquished by separation.
The mountaineers spurned at their offer, and declared that, unless all the horses were relinquished, the prisoners should be burnt to death.
When birth rates fall due to abortion restrictions, the total number of unwanted births may fall, which then may decrease the potential supply of infants relinquished.
I had almost given up hope of finding data when, out of the blue, a friend in Philadelphia tipped me off to a new book: Birthmothers: Women Who Have Relinquished Babies for Adoption Tell Their Stories by Merry Bloch Jones (Chicago Review Press, 1993, 296 pp.
Mian, Shujaudin Zaka, a BS-20 officer of Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service (PA and AS), posted in National School of Public Policy (NSPP), on deputation basis, on standard terms and conditions, is repatriated to his parent department from the date he relinquished charge of his post in NSPP.
ISLAMABAD, April 03, 2011 (Frontier Star): Chairperson of Monitoring and Implementation Committee of National Assembly Public Account Committee Yasmin Rehman has relinquished her charge as advisor to Ministry of Women Development Sources told that after Federal Minister Samina Khalid Ghurki was made incharge of Ministry of Women Development and Yasmin Rehman was not too pleased with the development and quietly distanced herself and stopped going to the ministry.
Many taxpayers use a QI in like-kind transactions, where they will transfer the relinquished property to the QI, who will then sell the property to a buyer.