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v. re·lived, re·liv·ing, re·lives
To undergo or experience again, especially in the imagination.
To live again.
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Noun1.reliving - a recurrence of a prior experience; "the reliving of a strong emotion can be therapeutic"
experience - the content of direct observation or participation in an event; "he had a religious experience"; "he recalled the experience vividly"
References in classic literature ?
Father and Mother sat together, quietly reliving the first chapter of the romance which for them began some twenty years ago.
The creation of 19-year-old music prodigy Karl Schmaltz, The Shackleton Experience is a unique blend of music and spoken-word storytelling, reliving Sir Ernest Shackleton's effort to cross the Antarctic continent from sea to sea aboard the ship "Endurance".
tv gives all players a new way to memorialize their epic wins and fails as well as a community centered on reliving those moments with others.
LEN reliving the magic of the country's old dance halls in Len's Glitterball Britain, the follow-up to his hugely successful LEN Goodman will be reliving the magic of the country's old dance halls in Len's Glitterball Britain, the follow-up to his hugely successful book My Lost London.
I cannot lie, it was a bit emotional reading through it; reliving, in brief, 16 of the happiest years of my life, namely those spent playing Hayley, in partnership with the great David Neilson as Roy.
London, February 21 ( ANI ): Gareth Gates has revealed that reliving 'sex drama' involving Katie Price on 'The Big Reunion 2' was hard for him.
To mark the centenary of the Universal Colliery disaster, publishers Gwasg Carreg Gwalch has released a book reliving events surrounding the tragedy in Senghennydd, Caerphilly.
Even if you just want the chance to spend five minutes reliving that night from the stage, they want to hear from you.
But now, video game and golf enthusiasts can enjoy reliving Woods's four wins at the Masters -- the good times for Woods.
uk If you remember Phil Daniels as the coolest man on the planet and not as a portly, ex-EastEnder prancing round on Strictly Come Dancing, then reliving the culture of the Mods will be right up your street.
As a meticulously researched and comprehensive study, Reliving Golgotha perceives the ancient and unbroken imitation of the execution of Jesus in an original way, beginning the examination of the Iztapalapan pageant within the historical setting of European passion plays originating in the Christian millennium and extending to the end of the fifteenth century.
Using dramatic photographs and video clips, Alan will be reliving his dangerous and gruelling exploits.