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n. pl. re·los Informal
1. Relocation.
2. One that is relocated, especially a person who has been relocated for purposes of employment.
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Under the RELO agreement, Teva had 45 days from the filing of the IND to exercise the option to exclusively license RX-3117.
It was held by RELO in partnership with the Education Ministry's Curricula Directorate.
According to Damon Anderson, a RELO and former Forum editor, the magazine presented cultural information about the U.
Paradigm, which was established in 2001, had developed a nice book of regional accounts that complement the growing national client portfolio of RELO Direct[R]," comments RELO Direct[R] president/ CEO Robert A.
In North Brunswick, NJ, 74-year-old Gloria Zastko, owner of Gloria Zastko Realtors--another RELO member--was among the nation's top producers at the height of her career.
Six of the top ten real estate companies in the country are RELO members.
Pam O'Connor, RELO president/ CEO, notes, "To many, a beach home seems like an unattainable dream, but a recent survey of our affiliate real estate companies in beach communities revealed that some beach values still exist.
14 to 16 -- RELO will hold its national conference.
RELO is a global network of leading independent residential real estate firms that focuses on meeting the special needs of relocating individuals and families.
will speak to RELOa brokers from across the country about working successfully with the media at the upcoming RELO National Conference, "How the Best was Won," in Scottsdale, AZ.
Fee to manage corporate employee relocation accounts through RELO DirectO, RELO's business-to-business enterprise designed to streamline the delivery of relocation services for corporations, transferees and broker members.
Halstead Property, LLC has been awarded the prestigious RELO Quality Certification(tm) by the Chicago-based RELO (R) network.