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n. pl. rem·i·ges (rĕm′ə-jēz′)
A quill or flight feather of a bird's wing.

[Latin rēmex, rēmig-, rower : rēmus, oar; see erə- in Indo-European roots + agere, to drive; see act.]

re·mig′i·al (rĭ-mĭj′ē-əl) adj.


n, pl remiges (ˈrɛmɪˌdʒiːz)
(Zoology) any of the large flight feathers of a bird's wing
[C18: from Latin: a rower, from rēmus oar]
remigial adj


(ˈri mɛks)

n., pl. rem•i•ges (ˈrɛm ɪˌdʒiz)
one of the flight feathers of a bird's wing.
[1665–75; < Latin rēmex oarsman =rēm(us) oar + -eg- comb. form of agere to drive, do (see act) + -s nominative singular ending]
re•mig•i•al (rɪˈmɪdʒ i əl) adj.
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