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intr.v. rem·i·nisced, rem·i·nisc·ing, rem·i·nisc·es
To think about or tell of past experiences or events: At the reunion, the former classmates reminisced about their old teachers.

[Back-formation from reminiscence.]

rem′i·nis′cer n.


someone who remembers or tells of past events or experiences
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The protesters have set up a stage on a minicontainer and also danced on different songs as a reminiscer of the PTI's sitin at the DChowk.
YOUR SCORE MOSTLY A: ADVENTURE SEEKER you lead a hectic life but still have time for your grandchildren MOSTLY B: TRADITIONALIST you're not as active as you were and don't look after them much MOSTLY C: RACY ROLE MODEL life is still exciting, and you're making the most of it MOSTLY D: HEART OF GOLD your grandchildren come first, and they love you for it MOSTLY E: QUIET REMINISCER not into socialising, you spend little time with your grandchildren
But the archetypal image of the grandparent, a Quiet Reminiscer like Grandpa Simpson, now makes up the smallest cluster.