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Characterized by temporary abatement in severity. Used especially of diseases.

re·mit′tence, re·mit′ten·cy n.
re·mit′tent·ly adv.


(Pathology) (of a fever or the symptoms of a disease) characterized by periods of diminished severity
reˈmittence, reˈmittency n
reˈmittently adv


(rɪˈmɪt nt)

abating and relapsing in cycles: remittent fever.
[1685–95; < Latin remittent-, s. of remittēns, present participle of remittere. See remit, -ent]
re•mit′tence, re•mit′ten•cy, n.
re•mit′tent•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.remittent - (of a disease) characterized by periods of diminished severity; "a remittent fever"
decreased, reduced - made less in size or amount or degree


[rɪˈmɪtənt] ADJ [fever etc] → remitente


adj (Med) symptomsremittierend (spec); remittent feverWechselfieber nt
References in classic literature ?
The excitement came back upon her like a remittent fever.
I bethought myself to go upstairs and see how the dying woman sped, who lay there almost unheeded: the very servants paid her but a remittent attention: the hired nurse, being little looked after, would slip out of the room whenever she could.
The fever may be low grade or high grade and remittent.
The disease has received various names, such as gastric fever, enteric fever, abdominal typhus, infantile remittent fever, slow fever, nervous fever and pythogenic fever.
At Bhatta Chowk, Haebanspura, Mian Mir Colony, Infantry Ground and Garhishahu people came out of their houses after remittent power cuts for long hours.