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tr.v. re·mod·eled, re·mod·el·ing, re·mod·els also re·mod·elled or re·mod·el·ling
1. To make over in structure or style; reconstruct.
2. Physiology To maintain (bone tissue) in dynamic equilibrium through the resorption and deposition of bone at a given site.

re·mod′el·er n.


n. restauración.


n remodelación f; bone — remodelación ósea; cardiac — remodelación cardíaca
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PC Laptops today announced several significant changes, build-outs and remodelings for its stores in Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and Weber Counties as it shifts into the second phase of its recently announced expansion.
The unified conference theme of "Setting the Pace" highlights Case's expanding role to spearhead training, consultancy and business opportunities for remodeling professionals and entrepreneurs in the home improvement industry.
Kitchen and bath remodeling will break the $100 billion mark in 2005, according to Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine's 2005 Market Forecaster.