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Characterized by remonstrance: "Pericles is the least remonstrant of Shakespearean heroes, a stalwart sufferer who is not about to challenge the injustice of the gods" (David Richards).
1. A person who remonstrates.
2. Remonstrant A member of a Christian sect originating among a group of Dutch Arminians who in 1610 formally stated the grounds of their dissent from strict Calvinism.

re·mon′strant·ly adv.


a person who remonstrates, esp one who signs a remonstrance
rare remonstrating or protesting


1. (Protestantism) a Dutch supporter of the Arminian Remonstrance of 1610
2. (Historical Terms) a Dutch supporter of the Arminian Remonstrance of 1610
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The pug-dog sat up, as a precautionary measure, as I passed; but, as I took no notice of the treasure he was guarding, he let me go by without even one remonstrant bark.
Continuing to chuckle when his laugh is over, as though remonstrant with himself on his drinking powers, he rolls to the door and unlocks it.
Why, there you're rather fast, Lawyer Lightwood,' he replied, in a remonstrant manner.
To venture outside the cynicism of political science in this regard, we might look at the well-known Czech remonstrant Vaclav Havel for his first-person testimony in "Second Wind" from Open Letters.
Rembrandt, for example, had close associations with Mennonites despite the fact that he formally remained a Reformed Calvinist and was most likely a Remonstrant.
Response took the form of a widespread international effort to provide food, shelter, and financial relief, and to demand toleration--a campaign that extended beyond the Mennonites to involve Reformed and Remonstrant professors and other religious and political leaders as well, including Jan Amos Comenius, John Dury, Philipp von Zesen, Philip van Limborch, and William Penn.
He was not only concerned with the differences between Remonstrants and Contra-Remonstrant parties in the Netherlands, which, in his view, were of minor importance.
Opposing anti- and pro-war fronts linked respectively to the Arminian Remonstrant and Orthodox Counter-Remonstrant religious sects shaped the political climate of the Netherlands during this period.
But by the mid-1980s both churches managed to produce a Declaration of Consensus, which was attractive enough to appeal to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Kingdom of the Netherlands as well as the Remonstrant Brotherhood (Arminians) to participate in the "Together-on-the-Way" process.
A few years before her demise, she decided that a female emeritus vicar of the Remonstrant Brotherhood would perform the service at her funeral.
was deeply involved in the Remonstrant Controversy as a senior figure in the government of Holland.