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 (rĭ-môr′ə, rĕm′ər-ə)
Any of several marine fishes of the family Echeneidae, having on the head a sucking disk with which they attach themselves to sharks and other fishes, whales, sea turtles, or the hulls of ships. Also called shark sucker, suckerfish.

[Latin, delay (from the belief that they could slow ships down), from remorārī, to delay : re-, re- + morārī, to delay (from mora, delay).]


(Animals) any of the marine spiny-finned fishes constituting the family Echeneidae. They have a flattened elongated body and attach themselves to larger fish, rocks, etc, by a sucking disc on the top of the head
[C16: from Latin, from re- + mora delay; an allusion to its alleged habit of delaying ships]


(ˈrɛm ər ə)

n., pl. -ras.
1. any of several fishes of the family Echeneidae, having on the top of the head a large sucking disk by which they attach themselves to moving objects above.
2. Archaic. an obstacle or hindrance.
[1560–70; < Late Latin; Latin: delay, hindrance, derivative of remorārī to linger, delay =re- re- + morārī to delay]


Any of several fish having a sucking disk on their head with which they attach themselves to sharks and other larger fish. They feed mainly on scraps of food left over from the sharks' meals.
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Noun1.remora - marine fishes with a flattened elongated body and a sucking disk on the head for attaching to large fish or moving objectsremora - marine fishes with a flattened elongated body and a sucking disk on the head for attaching to large fish or moving objects
acanthopterygian, spiny-finned fish - a teleost fish with fins that are supported by sharp inflexible rays
Echeneididae, family Echeneidae, family Echeneididae - fishes having a sucking disk on the head for clinging to other fishes and to ships
Echeneis naucrates, sharksucker - remoras found attached to sharks
Remilegia australis, whale sucker, whalesucker - large blue Pacific remora that attaches to whales and dolphins
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Algunos partidos apuestan a la sobrevivencia para no perder el registro, esa ha sido su costumbre por demas nociva como es el caso del Partido del Trabajo o del Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico, el primero es la remora de Morena mientras el segundo del PRI, por si solos no alcanzarian mas que migajas o moririan de inanicion financiera.
Examining sea turtles that came ashore to nest in Costa Rica, Robinson and his colleagues found diverse epibionts, from barnacles to small remora fish.
Some want a leader, some want an arbiter, Patera Remora (the kindliest member of the junta) wants a religious leader to spark a moral renewal, and one, Marrow, simply wants Horn to bring back some new seed corn from the Whorl to replenish the failing crops on Blue, "not the rubbish about morals and so forth that the old Prolocutor [Remora] goes on about.
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He's the ultimate Gary Stu character: a billionaire beholden to no one and able to abuse every disingenuous and pettifogging remora latched headfirst on the nation and sucking upward.
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Ahora bien, el Supremo Gobierno, penetrado de la evidencia de esta verdad innegable, y decidido como esta a romper con las aciagas tradiciones de la devota educacion, como remora constante y pertinaz que tanto ha perjudicado y perjudica aun la condicion moral del individuo, no puede menos que prohibir en las escuelas primarias la ensenanza de las doctrinas que contiene la citada obrita del Senor Ripalda.