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Noun1.remote terminal - a terminal connected to a computer by a data link
terminal - electronic equipment consisting of a device providing access to a computer; has a keyboard and display
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With MediaContact, companies have the benefit of a homogeneous platform that gathers all of the services required to manage remote terminals (tele-distribution, inventory, configuration management, data synchronisation, and data backup/restore).
Local players such as TopRank, Foxboro, Prestigious Discovery and Micosol have acquired 70% of the Malaysian remote terminal unit market.
The new Stinger Remote Terminal (RT) systems are designed to withstand harsh climates and weather conditions and can be deployed outdoors in cabinets, instead of in a telephone company's central office, according to Lucent.
announced today the addition of battery backup capability for the Mini-Mux([TM]) 840 Remote Terminal.
announced today the release of the Mini-Mux([TM]) 840 Remote Terminal, the first offering in its new line of optical multiplexer remote terminals for DS1, DS3, and 10/100 Ethernet backhaul over fiber.
In addition, Lipman develops technologically advanced software platforms that offer comprehensive and customized transaction processing solutions for its customers, as well as managed professional services such as on-site and call-center support with remote terminal management.
The Digi Connect WAN IA provides secure cellular GSM or CDMA connections for reliable primary and backup network connectivity to industrial automation devices such as SCADA devices, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and remote terminal units (RTUs).

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