remoulade sauce

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Noun1.remoulade sauce - a mayonnaise sauce flavored with herbs and mustard and capers; served with e.g. salad and cold meat
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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org, there are many links to recipes including Sesame Ginger Alaska Salmon, Kids' Grilled Alaska Halibut with Apples, Catalonia Cod Soup, Grilled Alaska Salmon Salad Vinaigrette, Southwest Grilled Alaska Salmon with Fruit Salsa, Creamy Mushroom Alaska Salmon Bake, Spicy Blue Cheese Alaska Halibut, and Southern Style Alaska Cod Cakes with Remoulade Sauce.
Add a classic remoulade sauce for an appetizer, top greens for a unique Bayou salad, stuff a baguette for a Po'boy sandwich or use for an entree or as part of a combination plate.
Their own creations top the menu -- Oyster's Bienville and Shrimp Arnaud, chilled boiled shrimp marinated in homemade remoulade sauce.
Several new sandwiches have also been added, including Tuna and Salmon Focaccia with vegetables, Tarragon and light citrus mayonaise; vegetable club with eggplant, roasted peppers and tomatoes, cucumbers, onion sprouts and herb goat cheese; and a blackened catfish Poorboy with remoulade sauce.
McAlister's Cajun Shrimp Po Boy features Creole-seasoned shrimp laid over a crunchy baguette with lettuce, tomatoes, coleslaw and creamy remoulade sauce.
Guests dined on a special menu featuring several of the bride and groom's favorites, including jumbo lump crab cakes with remoulade sauce, assorted bruschettas, cream cheese and bacon-stuffed bell peppers, carved prime rib au jus, rosemary fingerling potatoes, and Southern-style grits.
For appetizers we chose a smoked salmon fillet with remoulade sauce ($6.
Other appetisers include crab cakes with sweet corn and Cajun spices alongside a spicy remoulade sauce, coriander oil and crisp green salad leaves, red bell pepper and tomato soup, prawn and avocado salad dressed with tomato basil vinaigrette and topped with lemon and coriander marinated prawns, grilled portabella mushroom salad served over spinach, the classic Caesar salad, chicken and mushroom soup, leek and bacon mornay with English mustard and mature cheddar cheese, chicken liver patoy, warm goats' cheese salad and sizzling prawns.
There are two types of remoulade sauce - the classic French mayonnaise-based white sauce (more like what we Americans think of as tartar sauce) and the red-colored New Orleans Creole variety, of which this recipe is one.
SURF N' TURF BURGER: A big, juicy peppercorn burger topped with crunchy breaded shrimp, crispy onion strings and Joe's own flavorful remoulade sauce - WARNING, may induce strong cravings for more.
The Hilton provided a spread of Gulf delicacies, including shrimp, raw oysters, crab claws, scallops, mini crab cakes with remoulade sauce, and coconut-encrusted lobster.
Fish & Chips -Single plank of fresh Pacific cod, hand-dredged in Manny's Pale Ale batter, served with thick-cut sidewinder chips and house-made remoulade sauce.