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 (rĭ-no͞o′ə-bəl, -nyo͞o′-)
1. Capable of being renewed: a renewable membership; renewable subscriptions.
2. Relating to or being a commodity or resource, such as solar energy or firewood, that is inexhaustible or replaceable by new growth.

re·new′a·bil′i·ty (-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
re·new′a·bly adv.
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The Communication acknowledges that 'bio-based materials present advantages due to their renewability, biodegradability and compostability'.
It has proudly donated hundreds of saplings and CardPak managers teach children about the natural renewability of paperboard packaging as they together plant the saplings in biodegradable milk cartons.
The McPherson BPU wants to support customer renewability, sustainability, and efficiency efforts and to be considered more of a partner in our customer s green initiatives , says BPU Key Account Manager, Kasi Morales etc.
In this age of overconsumption, Singhal feels adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle will help communities move towards healthier living and thus contribute to sustainability and renewability.
Providing guaranteed renewability of health plans regardless of an individual's health status.
He said, 'It's important that consumers understand what their policies cover, and, if they are using their own vehicles this way, that the arrangement doesn't jeopardise the renewability of their insurance coverage.
In addition, it also has a robust environmental profile, with a higher paper content and increased renewability.
The new Oxbow forest is a shining example of the rapid renewability and value of Western Oregon forests and a showcase of successful forest management after a catastrophic fire.
Another nugget in their book is their discussion of guaranteed renewability of health insurance.
Critical Choice Maximum renewability: While some plans give lifelong renewability, some cease as early as at 50 years.
Using a combination of microcrystalline cellulose, wood flour, and hemp, flax, and kenaf fibers to replace conventional reinforcing fillers such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, nanoclay, and minerals, he hopes to formulate high-specific-strength and High-modulus materials that are low-cost, low-density, and easy-to-process, and offer thermal and acoustic insulation, easy surface modification, low abrasion to molds, biodegradability, renewability, and global availability.
Hamad bin Hamoud al-Ghafri, Chairman of the National Committee for Youths also gave a speech during which he said that the youths are the most important human force for any society, the mainstay of the future and represent the source of energy, renewability and change, production, growth and prosperity of every nation.