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 (rĭ-no͞o′, -nyo͞o′)
v. re·newed, re·new·ing, re·news
1. To make new or as if new again; restore: renewed the antique chair.
2. To take up again; resume: renew an old friendship; renewed the argument.
3. To repeat so as to reaffirm: renew a promise.
4. To regain or restore the physical or mental vigor of; revive: I renewed my spirits in the country air.
a. To arrange for the extension of: renew a contract; renew a magazine subscription.
b. To arrange to extend the loan of: renewed the library books before they were overdue.
6. To replenish: renewed the water in the humidifier.
7. To bring into being again; reestablish.
1. To become new again.
2. To start over.

[Middle English renewen : re-, re- + newen, to renew (from new, new; see new).]

re·new′er n.
References in classic literature ?
At the appointed time was born, not that third in their party to whom Sophie meant to be so kind, but a godling; in beauty, it was manifest, excelling Eros, as in wisdom Confucius; an enhancer of delights, a renewer of companionships and an interpreter of Destiny.
Apart from being the codifier of one of the four madhhabs of Muslim orthodoxy, he is also regarded as the renewer of the third century and was the first scholar to write down the science of usul al-fiqh, as demonstrated in his famous work al-Risala, a recent translation and study of which is Joseph E.
Living Faith adds a second line to the traditional wording of the Nicene Creed in calling the Spirit the renewer and helper of God's people.
Matthews called it Pluto: The Renewer, and while it is a fine piece in its own right, it is another example of not leaving well enough alone.
Like Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918), the other great renewer of Alpine painting, Segantini also adjusted the irregular ups and downs of the mountain peaks to the strict horizontals of the horizon, so that in place of the high hillsides that enclose the valley, a wide panorama extends across the whole breadth of the canvas.
CLINIQUE'S new radiance renewer aims to enhance cell renewal to create a more luminous and radiant complexion.
Cosmetic giant Clinique's solution is its new Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer and new Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer.
As we look to the past, but especially as we look to the future, as we look at the hurt in the church and the pain in the world right now, dare we say, "Who me, a renewer, an agent of change, one who can make a difference?
The Renewer of the Age and Vanquisher of the Americans), http://www.
For Shane Clifton--whose overall goal is to reinterpret Pentecostal symbols in light of environmental concerns--salvation means that Jesus is liberator and renewer of all humanity and creation; Spirit-baptism includes empowerment to participate "with the Spirit in breathing life to the earth" (p.