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n. pl. renminbi
1. The currency system of China.
2. The yuan.

[Mandarin rénmíbì : rénmín, the people, general public (Mandarin rén, person from Middle Chinese rin + Mandarin mīn, people, from Middle Chinese mjin) + , currency (from Middle Chinese pɦjiaj`).]


(ˌrɛnˌmɪnˈbiː) or

renminbi yuan

n, pl renminbi
(Currencies) another name for the Chinese yuan
[Chinese renmin people + bi currency]


the currency of the People's Republic of China, the basic unit of which is the yuan.
[1955–60; < Chinese rénmínbi=rénmín people + currency]
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Chinese tourists who travel to the Philippines will soon be able to change their renminbi into pesos at better exchange rates, while Filipino businessmen with dealings in the world's second-largest economy will soon be able to convert their pesos into yuan without having to rely on the US dollar as an intermediate peg.
President Xi Jinping's "Chinese Dream" is the linchpin of the platform for the rise of the renminbi in the global markets.
Renminbi internationalisation seemed to have slowed in the past year, but behind the scenes China continues to enhance its financial infrastructure so as to increase the global usage of the renminbi.
The official said, 'This will enable the market-maker banks to play a larger role in enhancing the renminbi FX activities, not only in the spot market, but also in the renminbi forward and swap markets, which will result in lower foreign exchange transaction cost to the real sector.
At an renminbi Business Development Seminar held in downtown Los Angeles, the People's Bank of China (BOC) informed about the monetary policy, situation and services in China to more than 100 local bankers, analysts, and investors.
Standard Chartered today announced that the Standard Chartered Renminbi Globalisation Index, or the RGI, boosted 9.
On August 11, 2015, the People's Bank of China (PBOC) devalued the renminbi by nearly 2 percent against the US dollar and altered the calculation of its central parity (or target rate), ostensibly to better reflect market forces.
The renminbi has climbed steadily in value since 2005, reducing trade deficits and tension.
The wild popularity of the highly aesthetic, quality products made her store an instant hit, but the "hideous procedures" of changing Chinese renminbi into Vietnamese Dong remained a constant headache.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 9, 2015-Standard Chartered Renminbi Index passes 2,000 mark
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 9, 2015-Standard Chartered Renminbi Index passes 2,000 mark
Dubai: DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) is in initial talks with the People's Bank of China to set up a renminbi offshore market to tap into enhanced trade and investments flows, a DIFC official said on Monday.