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rented car from Rahimyar Khan on the pretext that they wanted to visit
The police sources said that two car lifters hired a rented car from Rahimyar Khan on the pretext that they wanted to visit Bahawalpur city and took away the vehicle after giving some soft drink to the driver who after drinking it fell unconscious.
I expect 50 percent of rented car showrooms to disappear from the market by 2017 if the depression continues, he said.
The Ministry of Transport made this announcement on its official Twitter account, saying: "The lessee may return the rented car to the lease office before the end of the contracted term without having to pay the costs of the remaining period.
The gate is used by thousands of people daily, and is the main access point for tourists, many arriving by bus or rented car.
NOTHING handles better than a rented car," gonzo journalist PJ O'Rourke once famously declared.
Records said the trio, two Yemenis and a Saudi, used during the heist a rented car that had a GPS tracking system which helped the police identify them.
The rented car did not have insurance against theft and damage.
JUST as no one washes a rented car, as they do not consider it belongs to anyone; no one in the state sector (national or local) cares how they spend our taxes, as they do not consider the money actually belongs to anyone, and unless they overspend their budget they will get less next year.
According to media reports these European nationals arrived from Karachi through PIA flight PK- 352 and used a rented car (7242) to arrive at a rest house in Mirage colony.
Police who traced the licence plate number of the rented car to the businesswoman.
Driver Julian Harrington, 39, could face life in jail for ramming the youths' motorbike with a rented car in Protaras, Cyprus, in August.