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Adj.1.renunciant - used especially of behavior
nonindulgent, strict - characterized by strictness, severity, or restraint
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Consult also the important early genre of renunciant literature on dhamm al-dunya 'blameworthiness of worldly attachment'.
Both directives, one for a warrior and one for a renunciant, describe an event as random or unplanned on account of which those involved could follow dharma.
also Analayo ("Outstanding")) record the Buddha eulogizing renunciant women--who by going forth have of course renounced their reproductive function--for their spiritual abilities and accomplishments.
He wasn't the doughty pioneer in his rightful landscape, he wasn't the Indian brave at one with the forest, he wasn't the wise renunciant in tune with Nature.
7:26, 29, 31]) into the hope that celibacy on earth would reap for the renunciant a partnership with Jesus after death.
Since renunciant traditions have been a primarily male undertaking, the very existence of male ascetics has been especially challenging to materialistic societies.
My recent experience took on a more significant role, not only as meditator, but also as a renunciant.
in strong contrast to the wise emperor's renunciant and impassive attitude towards them" (2:137).
One of the BJP's most prominent spokespersons is Uma Bharati, a female renunciant.
The biography of Chitrabhanu is fascinating for its ruptures, both those that motivated him to become a Jain renunciant and those that motivated him to leave the monkhood to pursue the status of a "guru" with a more universal mission of promoting Jainism's social and political values.
An alternative female renunciant order of ten-precept nuns (dasasilmata) was founded in 1905 at a time when there was still insufficient support for a bhikkhuni revival in Sri Lanka.