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v. re·or·dered, re·or·der·ing, re·or·ders
1. To order (the same goods) again.
2. To straighten out or put in order again.
3. To rearrange.
To order the same goods again.
A further order of goods from the same supplier.
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Noun1.reordering - a rearrangement in a different order
rearrangement - changing an arrangement
permutation - act of changing the lineal order of objects in a group
transposition, reversal - the act of reversing the order or place of
overtaking, passing - going by something that is moving in order to get in front of it; "she drove but well but her reckless passing of every car on the road frightened me"
shuffle, shuffling, make - the act of mixing cards haphazardly
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The entire Urhobo Nation of Delta Central in Delta State was thrown into unexpected pathetic mourning, weeping and agony as they watched their confused and blabbing senator tender worthless apology after he goofed and wailed like a man without his thinking cap; swallowed up in absolute attention seeking melodrama over reordering of election sequence by NASS thereby bringing shame and disgrace to Delta Central Senatorial district.
Sure, you spend time every week looking at new products and reordering, but how much time do you really spend evaluating merchandise and all that goes into it?
Jagdish Vadalia, a Senior Manager for Product Development of company, said, "GL's WAN emulators are: IPLinkSim[TM] and IPNetSim[TM] and are capable of emulating a WAN link, and introducing typical WAN impairments like Bandwidth Throttling, Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss, Packet Reordering, Packet Duplication, Packet Corruption, Congestion Emulation etc.
4 : 4 Technological networks - which include drainage, wastewater and storm sewer construction, power protection and reordering, street lighting, building, communication cables, communication reordering, and sewer construction, gas pipeline protection.
Summary: The Complementary finance act 2009, adopted Thursday by People's National Assembly (Parliament), includes several measures aiming at reducing tax burden in favour of job creation and SMEs accompagnying, promoting the national production and reordering the external trade.
Reenacting Martin Luther's famous call for reformation of Church corruption in 1517, Matthew Fox inspirationally defies the modern Roman-Catholic reign in A New Reformation as he diligently and knowledgeably reveals its institutional flaws and proposes a more productive and helpful reordering of the practices and policies of the dominant Christian churches.
Intelligent reordering of commands within the drive's internal command queue helps improve performance of queued workloads by minimizing mechanical positioning latencies on the drive.
I sincerely wish that the living hope Crowley brings to her work will indeed contribute to such a peaceful revolution of values and a sorely needed reordering of priorities in the economic life of our nation.
Now if you highlight the numbers in column A, you will evoke this Sort Warning screen, which gives you the opportunity--by checking Expand the section--to maintain the number-name links when reordering column A.
As residents of the "homeland," we are all complicit and culpable if we continue with business as usual while this massively unjust reordering of our world takes place.
According to vendors, independent furniture dealers don't take advantage of the reordering systems used by the majors, which enables them to restock best sellers and enjoy full profit margins on proven goods.
Operation reordering - Clementine now automatically reorders operations to push even more of Clementine's execution into the database.