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Noun1.reorientation - a fresh orientation; a changed set of attitudes and beliefs
orientation - an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs
2.reorientation - the act of changing the direction in which something is oriented
change - the action of changing something; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
turn - the act of turning away or in the opposite direction; "he made an abrupt turn away from her"
turnabout, reversion, turnaround, reversal, reverse - turning in the opposite direction
change of course - a change in the direction that you are moving
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After several changes to the plan including runway reorientation and relocating the main facility, the IdMoT's Director for Airports, Agus Santoso, has now said the plan still did not meet minimum safety requirements in that its proximity to the nearby airports of Budiarto, Rumpin, Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta, and Jakarta Halim could impinge on current commercial air corridors as well as the Indonesian Aviation Institute's (STPI) airspace.
Low leverage (<2) and long-term financing framework lay the foundations for further strategic reorientation
bg, reminded that the money allocated under the state budget was not a subsidy for the production of tobacco but for the reorientation to other alternative cultures.
This daily practice of diet was, writes Andy Crouch, a deliberate act of reorientation, a small act that daily kept his heart centred on the true King.
He supported the systematic, continued realignment of the portfolio, as well as the organizational and human resources reorientation in preparation for the next decade.
The Early Luther: Stages in a Reformation Reorientation.
The major demand is for more growth and more jobs, namely a reorientation of European construction.
The firm is in dire straits due to stagnating sales and the reorientation of the filling stations market.
The topics include Philip Melanchthon and Wittenberg's reform of the theological curriculum, Theodore Beza and the reorientation of early reformed historiography, the Danzig Academy Gymnasium in 17th-century Poland, Voetius on the subject and formal act of happiness, the soteriological debate between George Kendall and Richard Baxter, and the Bristol Academy and the education of ministers in 18th-century England, 1758-91.
For this South American neighbor, defense technology has become a critical aspect of strategic reorientation and force modernization.
Membre incontournable de la garde rapprochee du President Obama chargee de la politique etrangere, Tom Donilon, 58 ans, jouissait d'une grande influence notamment pour ce qui est des questions de lutte anti-terroriste et de la reorientation de la politique americaine vers l'Asie, ainsi qu'en ce qui concerne le retrait de l'armee US d'Afghanistan et d'Irak.
Bank Sarasin analyst, Rainer Skierka, said that the figures reassured that the restructuring of the UBS and its strategic reorientation was on track, according to a Reuters report.