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re·pair 1

v. re·paired, re·pair·ing, re·pairs
1. To restore to sound condition after damage or injury; fix: repaired the broken watch.
2. To set right; remedy: repair an oversight.
3. To restore or renew: repair the immune system.
4. To make up for or compensate for (a loss or wrong, for example).
To make repairs.
a. The work, act, or process of repairing.
b. often repairs An instance or a result of repairing: The accident resulted in a costly repair to the car. My bike is in the shop for repairs.
a. The state of being fit for use: The furnace is out of repair.
b. General condition after use or repairing: in good repair.

[Middle English reparen, repairen, from Old French reparer, from Latin reparāre : re-, re- + parāre, to prepare, put in order; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]

re·pair′a·bil′i·ty n.
re·pair′a·ble adj.
re·pair′a·bly adv.
re·pair′er n.

re·pair 2

intr.v. re·paired, re·pair·ing, re·pairs
1. To betake oneself; go: repair to the dining room.
2. To go frequently or habitually: repairs to the restaurant every week.
n. Archaic
1. An act of going or sojourning: our annual repair to the mountains.
2. A place to which one goes frequently or habitually; a haunt.

[Middle English repairen, to return, from Old French repairier, from Late Latin repatriāre, to return to one's country; see repatriate.]


the quality of being repairable
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When it does happen, car makers will have their work cut out to ensure quick repairability and durability of the car's sensors, as even one malfunctioning sensor can prove fatal in the autonomous spread.
It includes criteria of durability, repairability and robustness; strengthen the supply of professionals and actors for re - use, repair and the economy of functionality ; strengthen obligations on the availability of spare parts; launch an easy-to-access digital application that will consolidate and simplify all existing product information, including lifecycle.
Gadget repair website iFixit came to a similar conclusion regarding the repairability of the iPhone X.
Past iPhones have gotten low marks for repairability from iFixit, and part of the problem is the company[yen]AaAaAeAcs insistence on choosing non-standa screws to keep people out.
low operational manufacturability leading to low repairability of composites and high cost of operation of products in the construction of parts of which CM is used.
Furthermore, owing to its superior repairability, all the colors contribute to the vehicle's economy.
The fact that brain has some degree of plasticity and repairability during early development might explain why Group A had the fastest development, as their early implantation would have facilitated the plasticity and repair (despite lagging behind that of children with NH).
com/Teardown/Essential+Phone+Teardown/96764) iFixit , the site gave the Essential Phone a dismal 1 of 10 score for repairability.
2017 2016 2015 Purchase price 59% 60% 60% Strength 56% 55% 58% Durability 50% 54% 48% Reusability 44% 44% 41% Customer requirements 38% 36% 40% Cost per use 36% 38% 36% Availability 32% 32% 32% Recyclability 24% 18% 27% Weight 24% 21% 24% Cleanability 15% 14% 14% Repairability 12% 11% 9% Design versatility 12% 11% 12% Ease of disposal 10% 10% 9% Fire rating 6% 2% 5% Source: Peerless Research Group (PRG) Note: Table made from bar graph.
While appliances are getting cheaper and more accessible, Breyer said that buying for quality, durability and repairability sends a strong consumer signal.
repairability of leading smart phone brands , as part of a campaign to encourage
That means considering repairability and durability as well as ease and efficiency of use.