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re·pair 1

v. re·paired, re·pair·ing, re·pairs
1. To restore to sound condition after damage or injury; fix: repaired the broken watch.
2. To set right; remedy: repair an oversight.
3. To restore or renew: repair the immune system.
4. To make up for or compensate for (a loss or wrong, for example).
To make repairs.
a. The work, act, or process of repairing.
b. often repairs An instance or a result of repairing: The accident resulted in a costly repair to the car. My bike is in the shop for repairs.
a. The state of being fit for use: The furnace is out of repair.
b. General condition after use or repairing: in good repair.

[Middle English reparen, repairen, from Old French reparer, from Latin reparāre : re-, re- + parāre, to prepare, put in order; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]

re·pair′a·bil′i·ty n.
re·pair′a·ble adj.
re·pair′a·bly adv.
re·pair′er n.

re·pair 2

intr.v. re·paired, re·pair·ing, re·pairs
1. To betake oneself; go: repair to the dining room.
2. To go frequently or habitually: repairs to the restaurant every week.
n. Archaic
1. An act of going or sojourning: our annual repair to the mountains.
2. A place to which one goes frequently or habitually; a haunt.

[Middle English repairen, to return, from Old French repairier, from Late Latin repatriāre, to return to one's country; see repatriate.]


the quality of being repairable
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The blog provides vital news relating to automobile insurance, manufacturing, technology, repairability and regulation.
The Ford Motor Company has recently released various infographic information to better inform drivers and consumers alike on the genuine facts and figures of the aluminum body of the 2015 Ford F-150, including its repairability and the cost of the latter among other important talking points.
The social enterprise's upcoming phone features game-changing modular architecture for increased longevity and repairability
That's because the architecture Zenos Cars of Norfork, England, has created for its E10 road-legal track car is modular, flexible, designed for repairability, and built around an anodized aluminum backbone married to a multi-piece recycled carbon fiber cockpit.
The Fire Phone receives a repairability score of 3 out of 10, where 10 is easiest to repair.
There are now alarming indications that lack of in-time action may have tipped the planet beyond the point of repairability.
You'll see the dramatic changes we made that will really help save a lot of labor costs in the repairability of the vehicle," Farley said after meeting with dealers at the annual National Automobile Dealers Association conference.
The device scored 8 out of 10 on the repairability scale, for 10 being the easiest to repair, the report added.
Google's new Nexus smartphone has just received a teardown assessment in which the device secures impressive repairability scores.
Further, as compared to anodized solutions, it offers better quality, more consistent color control and options, chemical resistance and field repairability.
A facility capable of draining, testing, crating, and shipping would relieve the RSY and the LAR of having to guess at serviceability and repairability.
They found that the number correlates with repairability of the endothelium and that the depletion of EPCs would lead to increased cardiovascular risk (Hill et al.