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 (rĭ-păr′ə-tĭv) also re·par·a·to·ry (-tôr′ē)
1. Tending to repair.
2. Relating to or of the nature of reparations.


(rɪˈpær ə tɪv)

also re•par′a•to`ry,

1. tending to repair.
2. pertaining to or involving reparation.


, reparatory
adj payments etcwiedergutmachend, Entschädigungs-
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52) Vermont Department of Corrections, Program Summary: Reparative Probation.
What about religious fundamentalists who set out to breed submissive females or provide early reparative therapy to embryos carrying the gay gene"?
Their claims are for both reparative and distributive justice, although in practice the two often overlap.
Having offenders see the damage they have caused could be a powerful educational and rehabilitative or reparative tool.
Maguire argues that, with the single vision of tragedy no longer feasible, the hybrid of tragicomedy - reparative, expiatory, looking backward while moving forward - mirrored the double vision and ambiguity of the 1660s.
Khalil's project is important not only for InVivo's second SCI product but also for the third product in the company's portfolio, a platform intended for the reduction of fibrosis which has been developed to reduce scarring in both reparative surgical and dermatological applications.
PINK: ENTB) is a developer of veterinary medicines that harness the animal's own reparative / immunological mechanisms.
Contract awarded for Maintenance Reparative Dermatome Zimmer
The newly adopted platform also endorses reparative therapy for homosexuals - counseling and psychological treatments that aim to turn gay people straight.
There are four chapters: culture and reparative justice; from incarceration to restoration; her aboriginal connections; and racial injustice and righting historical wrongs.
We might not know but these reparative products will turn back time.
The team delivers orthopedic trauma management, joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee joints, acute and reparative management of joint dislocations, arthroscopic diagnostic and therapeutic surgery of knees and shoulders, as well as sports medicine and physiotherapy.