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tr.v. re·pealed, re·peal·ing, re·peals
1. To revoke or rescind, especially by the action of a legislature.
2. Obsolete To summon back or recall, especially from exile.
The act or process of repealing.

[Middle English repelen, repealen, from Anglo-Norman repeler, alteration of Old French rapeler : re-, re- + apeler, to appeal; see appeal.]

re·peal′a·ble adj.
re·peal′er n.
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Make (Icom, Motorola/ Kenwood OR equivalent) Repealer station contain One vhf repeater unit (136 to 174 Mhz fieq, 25 watt pwr o/p) power cable, mounting kit.
The repealer movement's chief sponsor was none other than James II.
Abruzzo, a Democratic businessman from Wellington, replied: "I say this sincerely; someone could always file a repealer bill," noting that the joint auditing committee cannot file bills.
to a de facto repealer of RLUIPA's substantial-burden section if
85) In that case, the district court, affirmed by the Ninth Circuit, dismissed the plaintiff's indirect purchaser claims authorized under a state Illinois Brick-repealer statute, concluding that the repealer statutes were preempted because they would frustrate the policies announced in Illinois Brick.
In response, KEC has repeatedly requested, in writing and in meetings with the Office of the Repealer, that the unconstitutional sodomy law be repealed.
Door #3: One might plausibly take the position that a state application conditioned on the convention being limited is invalid as a convention application but valid as a repealer of earlier, unrestricted applications--that a state's adoption of a "limited-only" application displays an intention thereby to rescind any earlier "general" application.
35(a)(2) (2007) (physician must be present onsite at least once a month) (there is a proposed repealer being considered currently); Mo.
a clear legislative intent that the Repealer is to be given only
Judy Martz supported a version of this repealer during the 2003 legislative session.