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A trial heat, especially in rowing, allowing competitors who have already lost a heat another chance to qualify for the semifinals.

[French repêchage, rescuing, repechage, from repêcher, to fish up again, rescue : re-, again (from Old French; see re-) + pêcher, to fish for (from Old French pescher, from Vulgar Latin *piscāre, from Latin piscārī; see piscatorial).]


(General Sporting Terms) a heat of a competition, esp in rowing or fencing, in which eliminated contestants have another chance to qualify for the next round or the final
[C19: from French repêchage literally: fishing out again, from re- + pêcher to fish + -age]


(ˌrɛp əˈʃɑʒ)

a trial heat for runners-up, as in rowing, to determine who will advance to the finals.
[1925–30; < French repêchage second chance <repêch(er) to fish up again (re- re- + pêcher to fish; Middle French, Old French pescher < Vulgar Latin *piscāre, Latin piscārī, derivative of piscis fish)]


A kind of “second chance” race to allow losers from the heats an additional opportunity to qualify for the next round of the series in a progressive race.
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Noun1.repechage - a race (especially in rowing) in which runners-up in the eliminating heats compete for a place in the final race
race - a contest of speed; "the race is to the swift"


[ˌrepɪˈʃɑːʒ] Nrepesca f
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But since his Mongolian rival reached the final, Bajrang made it to repechage round, where he won both his bouts to move into bronze- medal play- off.
Producers from The Today Show, Rachael Ray, NY1 News, and top beauty editors from InStyle, Cosmopolitan, People StyleWatch, Glamour, Shape, Health and online outlets flocked to Limani Restaurant to the hear about the newest launches from Repechage--specifically, Repechage Hydra 4 Red-Out Calming Cleanser and Hydra 4 Red-Out Serum.
Qualifie pour le repechage, l'Algerien a realise un sans-faute jusqu'a la fin du parcours en battant d'abord l'Egyptien Ramadan Darwish puis Elmar Gazimov (Azerbaidjan).
GREAT BRITAIN'S women's quadruple sculls crew are into today's semi-finals at the World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam after winning a repechage race.
The fifth and final Pool A place at the 2015 tournament will be decided in a repechage, which is almost at the semi-final stage.
Russia will face the runners-up of the African quali-fiers in the repechage last four.
After a mixed opening, she lost to Israel's Rotem Shor in the repechage, ending her hopes of a bronze.
In men's category, Safwen Khammassi (75Kg) failed to win the bronze medal after losing 2/1 in repechage to Italian Luigi Bossa.
Mohamed started with a defeat against Tunisia's Fraj Dhoubi in the preliminary, and then in the Repechage beat Janeiro Chan Ling of Madagascar and Preston Davids of South Africa.
Dan and Marc, sons of three-time Paralympian Terry, both left London without a medal after being knocked out of the repechage.
With only the top crew advancing straight to the final, Scowen and Beighton must now compete in today's repechage with the top four joining the French and China''s Xiaoxian Lou and Tianming Fei, who lowered the world's best to 3:54.
Singh, who joined the nation in congratulating Yogeshwar Dutt on his winning the 60 kg freestyle wrestling bronze medal at the Olympic Games, said Dutt showed true grit in his wonderful comeback in the repechage round.