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Filled with repetition, especially needless or tedious repetition.

rep′e·ti′tious·ly adv.
rep′e·ti′tious·ness n.
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Noun1.repetitiousness - verboseness resulting from excessive repetitions
verboseness, verbosity - an expressive style that uses excessive or empty words
redundancy - repetition of messages to reduce the probability of errors in transmission
tautology - useless repetition; "to say that something is `adequate enough' is a tautology"
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People are not stupid, and most of them are not evil, however, their memories are dulled by distractions, and their mindsets are moulded by the tedious repetitiousness of a media that is committed to selling The Lie.
Despite the repetitiousness of our history, there is nothing necessary about it.
The incantatory repetitiousness of the act of contrition Stephen participates in toward the end of part three has arguable masturbatory consequences.
In the same manner, these fu have a circularity and repetitiousness that is inescapable, attempting to depict an ongoing state of absence that is difficult to dramatize.
Even in its repetitiousness, wordiness, and overanalysis of motive, it is a commanding performance by a young man of 25 whose gifts are impressive and whose failures are a matter of reach rather than grasp.
Moreover, with the repetitiousness produced not only by the narrowness of Halm's ideas, but also by Rothfarb's examples and frequent recapitulations and summaries, a reader may question whether there is enough material for a book.
And I think the form of the book, with its repetitiousness, helps to convey that experience better than would a more conventional novel format.
A student, "shocked" by the sheer repetitiousness of stories of suffering, summarized them as "We had some food, then they took it away, then they took more away, and then we starved.
A handful of Shakespearean scenes are mulled over in chapter after chapter, producing a repetitiousness interlarded with meditations on comic theory, modern jokes, and comic performance, many of them interesting but digressive.
When combined with the repetitiousness noted earlier, this leaves one feeling that a shorter and sharper book is submerged within its pages.
In short, the repetitiousness and passivity of the gesture were transformed into rhythm, energy, and dynamism.
the narrative of dismemberment and murder, overseen by the figure of the law, [which] marked the repetitiousness of white supremacist discipline that greeted the 'free' black subject in the 1860s, and it continued to reiterate his or her secondary social position throughout the twentieth century, including the present day.