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A genetic element that undergoes replication as an autonomous unit.


(Genetics) genetics a region of a DNA molecule that is replicated from a single origin
[C20: from replic(ation) + -on]


(ˈrɛp lɪˌkɒn)

any genetic element that can regulate and effect its own replication from initiation to completion.
[< French (1963), shortened form of réplication; see -on1]
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The PFGE profile of the intact (undigested) DNA of the type A6 isolates exhibited a unique genome structure consisting of 3 large replicons (Figure, http://wwwnc.
This, coupled with our experience in the production of alphavirus replicons aligns well with the fundamental needs of this research, " said TriLink President and CEO, Dr.
The replicons of the vectors pNZ124, pNZ2105, pNZ2103, pNZ7021, pNZ2122, and pNZ2123 are identical and came originally from the Lactococcus lactis plasmid pSH71.
In sections on genes and chromosomes, DNA replication and recombination, transcription and post-transcriptional mechanisms, and gene regulation, they consider such topics as the content of the genome, clusters and repeats, extrachomosomal replicons, RNA splicing and processing, and phage strategies.
Specifically, they discuss the global history of Lyme borreliosis; Borrelia genomics; replication of the Borrelia genome and scrambling of the linear replicons through reverse telomere resolution; gene regulation, transciptomics, and proteomics; metabolism and physiology of Borrelia; structure, function, and biogenesis of the Borrelia cell envelope; the chic motility and chemotaxis of Borrelia; genetic manipulation of Borrelia; the evolutionary genetics of Borrelia; the ecology of Borreliae and their arthropod vectors; tick interactions; pathobiology of Lyme disease Borrelia; pathogenesis of relapsing fever; animal models of Borreliosis; host response; detection of Borrelia; Lyme disease vaccines; and Lyme disease in humans.
It appears to be dispensable for viral RNA replication, as replicons lacking the p7 gene replicate or make viral RNA efficiently (61, 62).
ANA598 is a highly potent and selective inhibitor of HCV genotypes 1a and 1b NS5b RNA polymerases (IC50 < 1 nM) and of HCV replication in cell culture (EC50 values for genotypes 1b and 1a replicons are 3 and 50 nM, respectively).
of, Georgetown University Medical Center, described preclinical studies showing that treatment of cells harboring HCV replicons with nitazoxanide or its primary metabolite, tizoxanide, does not induce viral mutations conferring resistance to nitazoxanide, tizoxanide, interferon, ribavirin or 2'C- methyl cytidine (a polymerase inhibitor).
One hypothesis for this is that P1 may contain more than one lytic replicon and inactivation of all replicons is required to inhibit lytic growth.
Morrow would like eventually to deliver replicons containing genes that encode proteins that shore up damaged neurons and rejuvenate nearby supporting cells.
coli J53 and TOP10, respectively; bla, [beta]-lactamase; +, positive; NA, not applicable (only genes and replicons detected by molecular screening are included); -, negative; qnr, quinolone resistance; Inc, incompatibility.