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intr.v. re·po·lar·ized, re·po·lar·iz·ing, re·po·lar·iz·es
To return to a polarized state; undergo repolarization.


(riːˈpəʊləˌraɪz) or


to polarize again or become polarized again
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The QT interval represents the amount of time the heart's electrical system takes to depolarize and repolarize during each heartbeat.
The QT interval in an ECG represents the total time needed for the ventricles to depolarize and repolarize.
electrical system takes to repolarize, or recharge, after each beat.
As depolarization lasts longer, the membrane is unable to repolarize, resulting in flaccid muscles.
When the cardiac cells repolarize (reload) they exchange potassium for sodium and calcium.
The earliest repolarization occurred in posterobasal region of RV whereas the areas over the LV apex and adjacent area of the free wall were the last to repolarize.
Through the specific channels, sodium, potassium, and calcium ions move across the outer cellular membrane to depolarize and repolarize the cell.
It has been suggested that this measurement provides information about the spatial differences in myocardial recovery time, that is, how long it takes cardiomyoctes to repolarize after they have contracted in different parts of the heart.
A primary function of this channel is to repolarize active neurons, so activation in the presence of ethanol would inhibit neuronal activity.
Hence, alterations in gene expression of cardiac potassium and calcium channels may dramatically affect the capability of a cardiac myocyte to repolarize.
If he is allowed to reemerge after the departure of international forces, he would instantly repolarize Bosnia and unravel all the hard-won advances toward reform and reconciliation.
1987; Ridge, 1992) suggest that rhizobia are able to repolarize the microtubules and vesicle delivery system toward the invasion site.