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Noun1.reporting weight - a person's body weight (as an athlete's) at the beginning of the season (when first reporting for practice)
body weight - the weight of a person's body
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Participants are reporting weight loss, increased levels of physical activity and improved mental wellbeing, and some have even referred to the program as personally life changing, so from everything we are hearing, we know this program is both efficient and effective in making real change happen for Queenslanders, he said.
Baptist Health of Little Rock contracted with Communit-Y Health Network in the fall and has already had some employees reporting weight loss, said Tony Kendall, vice president of human resources for Baptist Health.
For consistency with previous analyses, respondents reporting weight [greater than or equal to]500 pounds or height [greater than or equal to]7 feet or <3 feet were excluded, and unadjusted prevalence estimates were reported for each state and by selected sociodemographic characteristics.