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re·pose 1

1. The act of resting or the state of being at rest.
2. Freedom from worry; peace of mind.
3. Calmness; tranquility.
v. re·posed, re·pos·ing, re·pos·es
1. To lay (oneself) down.
2. To rest or relax (oneself).
1. To lie at rest.
2. To lie dead: repose in a grave.
3. To lie while being supported by something.

[From Middle English reposen, to be at rest, from Old French reposer, from Late Latin repausāre, to cause to rest : Latin re-, re- + Latin pausāre, to rest (from pausa, rest; see pause).]

re·pos′al n.
re·pos′er n.

re·pose 2

tr.v. re·posed, re·pos·ing, re·pos·es
To place (trust, for example): reposed all his hopes in the new cure.

[Middle English reposen, to replace, from Latin repōnere, repos-, to put away; see reposit.]
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