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re·pose 1

1. The act of resting or the state of being at rest.
2. Freedom from worry; peace of mind.
3. Calmness; tranquility.
v. re·posed, re·pos·ing, re·pos·es
1. To lay (oneself) down.
2. To rest or relax (oneself).
1. To lie at rest.
2. To lie dead: repose in a grave.
3. To lie while being supported by something.

[From Middle English reposen, to be at rest, from Old French reposer, from Late Latin repausāre, to cause to rest : Latin re-, re- + Latin pausāre, to rest (from pausa, rest; see pause).]

re·pos′al n.
re·pos′er n.

re·pose 2

tr.v. re·posed, re·pos·ing, re·pos·es
To place (trust, for example): reposed all his hopes in the new cure.

[Middle English reposen, to replace, from Latin repōnere, repos-, to put away; see reposit.]
References in classic literature ?
The only sound that interrupted the silence of the place was the asthmatic breathing of the old men I have mentioned, who reposed at a little distance from us.
So much confidence has therefore been reposed in you.
Adding that the people of Sindh have always reposed confidence in the PPP leadership.
In his message to the newly elected office bearers and members governing body, the Senate Chairman extended warmest felicitation on their success and said that their election was a manifestation of confidence of Journalist fraternity reposed in them.
said that their election was an evidence of trust and confidence of Journalist fraternity reposed in them, said a press release issued here Wednesday.
In a felicitation message here on Sunday, Zubair said that their success is the result of the confidence reposed in them by the majority of the voters.
In a felicitation message, the Governor said that the members of the KPC have reposed their confidence in Ahmed Khan Malik (President) and Maqsood Yousfi (Secretary) and other office bearers of the Club.
BISHAM -- Advisor to Prime Minister Engineer Ameer Muqam Saturday said that people have reposed confidence on Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, adding Imran Niazi could not beat his positive policies.
Jalil Abbas Jilani thanked the President for the trust and confidence reposed in him and assured that he would accomplish his new responsibilities with full dedication while focusing on augmenting Pakistan s bilateral relations with the United States.