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tr.v. re·pos·it·ed, re·pos·it·ing, re·pos·its
1. To put away; store.
2. To put back; replace.

[Latin repōnere, reposit- : re-, re- + pōnere, to place; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.repositing - depositing in a warehouserepositing - depositing in a warehouse; "they decided to reposition their furniture in a recommended repository in Brooklyn"; "my car is in storage"; "publishers reduced print runs to cut down the cost of warehousing"
deposition, deposit - the act of putting something somewhere
stockpiling - accumulating and storing a reserve supply; "the stockpiling of war materials"
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It is by repositing the African person and African reality from the margins of European thought, attitude and doctrines to a centre that African Afrocentricity is positively located, and placed within the realm of science and culture.
Several samples were collected for serial sectioning and for repositing in the New Brunswick Museum (NBMG).
It is against the Aryan model, of course, that Martin Bernal has written in his Black Athena (1987), repositing an older 'Ancient model' of cultural--and philosophical--permeations from other cultures, accomplished by trade, travel, migration, conquests and assimilations, inter-marriage and, simply, fashion.