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 (rĕp′rĭ-zĕn-tā′shə-nəl, -zən-)
Of or relating to representation, especially to realistic graphic representation.

rep′re·sen·ta′tion·al·ism n.


(ˌrɛprɪzɛnˈteɪʃənəˌlɪzəm) or


1. (Philosophy) philosophy the doctrine that in perceptions of objects what is before the mind is not the object but a representation of it. Compare presentationism, naive realism See also barrier of ideas
2. (Art Terms) fine arts the practice or advocacy of attempting to depict objects, scenes, figures, etc, directly as seen
ˌrepresenˌtationalˈistic adj
ˌrepresenˈtationist n, adj


the practice of creating recognizable figures, objects, and natural forms in art. Cf. Abstractism.
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For Heidegger, representationalism was rooted in at least two basic features; first, the notion of a correspondence between representation and truth, which he traces to Platonism and second, the insertion of a metaphysical cleft between mind and world, the conception of mind which became dominant after Descartes.
Representationalism shows up strongly in our assumptions about how communication works.
Yet, the empire was unique among its peers in some important ways that truly laid down the roots of representationalism, though true representationalism did not develop until later.
00--Aquinas's claim that the sensible species are similitudes of natural forms and the internal senses have phantasms may seem to some more like a historically interesting harbinger of modern representationalism and a failed research program rather than a promising field of study.
Whether representationalism is the account that is itself true is another matter-Rorty seems to think all those who use these and similar concepts are stuck with it but that is just wrong.
What makes Liu's work unique is the combination of two important claims: (a) that pedagogy must depend on epistemology, and (b) that we need a paradigm shift in the epistemological frame of reference away from the representationalism that currently undergirds higher education toward pragmatism.
SUMMARY: Representationalism maintains that the phenomenal character of an experience is fully determined by its intentional content.
Think back to the many contrapuntal divisions of the '60s--abstract painting versus provincial representationalism, or an unyielding Minimalism ascending coincidentally with its evil fraternal twin, Pop art.
According to Tye (2000), representationalism appeals to the transparency of experience.
Stylistically, this bronze masterpiece combines abstraction and representationalism, uniting Enwonwu's two styles, a small-scale version making 64,900 [pounds sterling] at the sale.
Indeed, just how the incommensurable ontologies of divinatory infinition and skeptical representationalism co-occur would be an excellent follow-up project of "ontography.
176) The frequent scholarly explorations of nonrepresentational art also seem motivated by a representational approach, for nonrepresentation is only relevant to the degree that representationalism itself is constitutionally salient.

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