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Causing or inclined to cause repression: a repressive dictatorship.

re·pres′sive·ly adv.
re·pres′sive·ness n.


[rɪˈprɛsɪvlɪ] advin modo repressivo
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In order to enhance the stability of equipment, we did ascend in the parts assembly and parts processing, repressively to establish precision assembly workshop and precision machining workshop, to ensure the precision of parts and components have reached international standards, and make all the preparations for high-end equipments and stable operation.
The plot revolves around two main characters, Kateniss and Peeta, who are repressively sent to an arena with twenty-two tributes from another eleven districts to fight against one another in the annual hunger game.
The extent to which such ridicule is still with us as we look back on a movement that to many seems at best quaintly naive and at worst repressively sanctimonious and hypocritical testifies to the difficulty of locating and describing a set of political and social commitments that seem alternately conservative and, at times, radically progressive.
By many accounts, he overturned a system that was repressively secular, as he pushed for women to have the right to wear Islamic headscarves, which they had been forbidden to do in public institutions, despite the country's Muslim majority.
4% and 7%, repressively, over market fears over the prospective uncertainty for both parties.
Billed as a French nominee, but wholly Turkish in language, subject and setting--a remote village on the Black Sea coastline--this Cannes-premiered feminist fable from Turkish-born, Paris-based female helmer Deniz Gamze Erguven portrays the joint personal and sexual awakening of five sisters in a repressively orthodox Muslim household.
While people both in Yemen and in Washington promised a more representative government, they quickly settled into a comfortable relationship with Saleh's former deputy, Abed Rabbou Mansour Hadi, who broke promises for political inclusion and participation and quickly began to rule as repressively as his predecessor.
1) Nearly forty years on, it is strikingly free from some of the indulgences of that lush period as it charts what Connolly rightly diagnosed as 'the effects of repressively moralistic indoctrination on young minds (and on the men such adolescents became)'.
You've written that we're willing to trade with them but we don't draw a line when they obviate civil liberties, when they continue to act repressively.
He repressively ruled Haiti from September 1988 to March 1990, and, according to an Amnesty International report, his regime was "marred by serious human rights violations.
His telos of collective ascetics was not employed repressively against others as a means of control, but was developed as a means of transforming himself.
display such respect as repressively assimilationist.