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Noun1.reproduction cost - cost of reproducing physical property minus various allowances (especially depreciation)
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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The City of Evanston s Utilities Department is seeking proposals from reputable qualified consulting engineering firms experienced in water works valuation for engineering services related to the computation of the Reproduction Cost New Less Depreciation value of the water works properties including the pumping, treatment and source of supply facilities.
Seller is motivated and business is priced to sell quickly for considerably less than the reproduction cost of the buildout.
Further, the cost approach may not be a reliable indication of replacement or reproduction cost for any date other than the effective date of this appraisal due to changing costs of labor and materials and due to changing building codes and governmental regulations and requirements.
The cost approach estimates the cost of acquiring a site and constructing a substitute property with the same utility by generating a reproduction cost analysis based upon original building materials and the historic structure's unique characteristics.
If critics complain that today's historical cost-based financials don't provide adequate information to users of financial statements, what will those same critics say if they're given reproduction cost information when they want liquidation values, or vice versa?
For example, the FMV of a well-balanced inventory available to fill customer orders may exceed its reproduction cost, because it provides a continuity of business while the value of obsolete inventory may be less than its reproduction cost.
This is a fraction of the reproduction cost had we bought a similar company just 300-400 miles west in Switzerland or Austria or any other western European country.
A controversy exists as to the correct method to calculate functional obsolescence in the reproduction cost approach.
There exists a question over the correct methodology to calculate functional obsolescence in the reproduction cost approach.
The appellate court said that the reproduction cost less depreciation approach was the appropriate methodology to value specialty property, but should be used only in those limited instances in which no other method of valuation will yield a legally and economically realistic value for the property.
By far, the most useful reproduction cost estimate is an articulated cost estimate by engineers or quantity surveyors to which the appraiser adds indirect costs, as indicated in table 1.