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tr.v. re·pub·lished, re·pub·lish·ing, re·pub·lish·es
1. To publish again.
2. Law
a. To repeat (a slanderous or libelous statement) that one has heard or read.
b. To reinstate (a revoked will).

re·pub′lish·er n.


(Journalism & Publishing) a person who republishes
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Developer and republisher of Mac, Windows and iOS products thanks customers for their support in reaching this milestone with great savings on desktop apps.
Liability for the Transnational Republisher of Leaked Corporate Secrets,
And consider alongside it the republication of a leaked document together with careful analysis and criticism of the document by the republisher, which we'll call the "speaker-supplemented leak republication" scenario.
Rethinking Republisher Liability in an Information Age, 31 FORDHAM URB.
Librarians and archivists may be loath to show themselves so visibly in the process of preservation, but there may be growing pressure to do so because, as Mitchell observes, "There is an erosion of traditional boundaries between artist or photographer, editor, archivist, publisher, republisher, and viewer" (1992, p.
Part II will examine New York's broader approach to evaluating whether a republisher should be held liable, which displaces the need for a privilege like the wire service defense.
22] In order for this safe harbor to apply, however, the republisher of the statement must also identify the source from which it obtained the statement.
41 A distributor -- sometimes called a secondary publisher or republisher -- is someone like a newsstand operator, bookseller, or librarian, who does not create content, but makes it available to others.
Adventure House publisher, John Gunnison, a Maryland-based republisher and distributor of pulp fiction (www.
Acclivity will also develop the Mac OS products for MYOB who will be its exclusive republisher in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
As a software republisher, it has made many successful alliances with foreign partners including IBM and Disney Interactive Studios.
MYOB US acts as exclusive US republisher of the award-winning MYOB small business accounting and management and Point of Sale software lines for Macintosh and Windows platforms (www.