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tr.v. re·pur·posed, re·pur·pos·ing, re·pur·pos·es
To use or convert for use in another format or product: repurposed the book as a compact disc.

re·pur′pos·a·ble adj.


vb (tr)
to find a new purpose for; adapt to or use for a new purpose
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The deal represents the first-ever repurposed programming arrangement done by a new-generation broadcast network, also known as a multicast network.
Upcycling is reimagining and transforming an object into a repurposed commodity.
USA], July 7 (ANI): Instead of using new treatment or medicine, a study has recently found that already available medicines may be repurposed alone or in combination with other drugs to treat people during outbreak of bacterial, viral and related infections.
Those repurposed drugs could move to market in less time and for less money than it takes to gain approval for novel drugs by skipping preclinical testing requirements and, possibly, Phase 1 safety and dosing trials.
In the second section, we have developed a Word 2013 Add-in using VSTO 2013 and repurposed the default actions of the commands in Word 2013 using VSTO 2013.
To date, the partnership has produced several repurposed items such as badge holders, masks, tote bags and iPad holders, all created from scrap vinyl and other materials used in the production process.
The successful repurposing of established drugs to treat other ailments includes the statin class of cholesterol reducing drugs, with Lipitor now repurposed to prevent strokes.
Ann Carvalho of Swansea said she likes the site and as a dealer, she's sold a few repurposed things that didn't move as their old selves.
That's when Gail knew her life had been repurposed, and years later, the bench is still reminding her of how she began.
About a year ago Carson created a business called Repurposed Materials Inc.