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Noun1.requisition form - an official form on which a request in made; "first you have to fill out the requisition"
form - a printed document with spaces in which to write; "he filled out his tax form"
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Tenders are invited for Work of free Printing & Supply of Reservation Requisition Form No T524-F/R1 to be utilized at all PRS & UTS cum PRS location of Jodhpur Division with sole advertising rights thereon for 3 years.
The Southern District also held that the trial court did not err in admitting a redacted version of a requisition form or by excluding deposition testimony because the plaintiffs did not show prejudice.
When cross-examined, he admitted that the NAB prosecution department submitted a requisition form before the SC which directed to file an application for obtaining the record.
The requisition form through which the NAB had requested the Supreme Court to hand over the JIT report and other documents carries an application seeking 'short leave for urgent work' on the back of it along with words 'Criminal Branch' and date 'November 16, 2016'.
The requisition form submitted by the NAB showed that the bureau had requested the Supreme Court to hand over the JIT report and relevant documents.
Patient particulars, brief history and clinical findings, provisional diagnosis and differential diagnosis (if any) were clearly mentioned in the biopsy requisition form.
4) When using outpatient phlebotomy services at our institution, patients follow a multistep process that includes checking in with their requisition form, entering their name and arrival time into a log book, and waiting to be called in.
About 800 patients will receive registered Canada Post letters with a lab requisition form, which should be taken by patients to their healthcare provider.
In March 2008, staff compliance with completing the requisition form correctly was 30%.
In the following example, a Materials Requisition Form needs to be updated and printed for a list of sales orders that need to be produced in a job order system.
The website was designed to support the campaign objective of increasing access to chlamydia and gonorrhea testing by featuring a requisition form that is available to download and print, and which can then be submitted to private laboratories across Ottawa.
Performing location-based requisition rules as well as automatic label printing and bar-coded requisition form generation