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tr.v. re·ra·di·at·ed, re·ra·di·at·ing, re·ra·di·ates
To radiate (absorbed radiation) after absorbing incident energy.

re·ra′di·a′tion (-ā′shən) n.


(Nuclear Physics) radiation resulting from the previous absorption of primary radiation
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In noncharring material the surface temperature during burning equals the pyrolysis temperature, whereas a residual layer is heated up to higher temperatures, accompanied by increased reradiation of the hot surface [17].
In addition to being the main source of air pollution in urban areas, motorized road traffic exposes an estimated 40% of Europeans to daytime noise levels exceeding the WHO recommended threshold of 55 dB (WHO 1999); it also produces anthropogenic heat that together with the reradiation effects of dense urban structures can amplify urban summer temperatures, resulting in urban heat islands (Zhao et al.
Garcia Sanchez, "A Simple Model for Average Reradiation Patterns of Single Trees Based on Weighted Regression at 60 GHz," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol.
During the growing season, growers can prune to a higher shoot density (five shoots per foot), shoot position only on the shaded side, use a modified VSP system with wider cross-arms, and plant a cover crop, stubble or mulch to avoid the reradiation of solar heat.
We experimented with time delays and minimum pump runtimes to prevent short cycling the pump on morning startup and reradiation prevention shutdown.
For example, one printer manufacturer has a plotter with a large chunk of ferrite around its stainless steel pen support rod to minimize reradiation at the rod's resonant frequency.
So, for example, you could not have evapotranspiration if you had not first had direct reradiation of heat, as shown in the following specification hierarchy: dissipation {directly into heat over some sunlit acreage, leaving some to be dissipated {by way of evapotranspiration from plants in that area, leaving some to be dissipated {as heat production during ATP regeneration in some particular living system in that area}}}.
That should be ample precision for measuring a 6-km displacement expected in the asteroid's distance due to the Yarkovsky effect, which arises from the absorption and reradiation of solar heat (April issue, page 22).
A classical means of EA is electronic jamming -- the deliberate radiation, reradiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy for the purpose of disrupting enemy use of electronic devices, equipment or systems.
Gathering data from body-worn biomedical measurement devices through normal cellular can be unreliable because of reradiation of radio frequencies from sensor leads, insufficient signal strength to communicate with the monitor, and human body interaction with the cellular antenna causing signal fading.
Also, the use of a double-balanced mixer provides enhanced LO rejection, permitting simple low cost front-end filters to be used to reduce LO reradiation.
Lasers are not efficient for use with highly reflective or thermal conducting materials, thick workpieces, or thick nonmetals, which tend to char with reradiation from decomposition products.