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tr.v. re·re·leased, re·re·leas·ing, re·re·leas·es
To release (a movie, for example) again.

re′re·lease′ n.


a second release or further releasing of a film, album, etc
vb (tr)
to release (a film, album, video, computer program, etc) again


(ˌri rɪˈlis)

v. -leased, -leas•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to release again.
2. something rereleased, as a film.
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To be very honest, there isn't a specific release date for the rerelease version of Forgotten Empires' hit game.
A dance remix of their single Follow My Leader will be released on August 24, and a rerelease of their album with bonus mixes a fortnight later.
POP diva Sinitta is to rerelease her 1985 hit So Macho in tribute to the nine Glasgow firefighters disciplined for refusing to hand out safety leaflets at a gay march.
DUNCAN ENTERPRISES has introduced seven new Satin Glaze colors with the rerelease of two favorite colors.
Cutting out some of the violence seems to be a good way to get publicity for this rerelease,'' said Gray, president of Box Office Mojo.
Electrons in fluorescent materials absorb energy from light and rerelease it as photons of a particular colon Nie explains that quantum dots blaze brighter because, though small, they are much bigger than dye molecules.
This CD, recorded weeks before her death, joins a rerelease of the singer's entire catalog.
In addition to ``Star Wars II'' and ``Spider-Man,'' other heavily merchandised movies will include ``Scooby Doo,'' ``Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron,'' ``Men in Black 2,'' ``Spy Kids 2,'' ``Scorpion King,'' ``Lilo & Stitch'' and the 20th anniversary rerelease of ``E.
PALMDALE - Just a month before the 25th anniversary rerelease of his best-selling album, Peter Frampton ``comes alive'' at the Palmdale Fall Festival.