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tr.v. re·re·leased, re·re·leas·ing, re·re·leas·es
To release (a movie, for example) again.

re′re·lease′ n.


a second release or further releasing of a film, album, etc
vb (tr)
to release (a film, album, video, computer program, etc) again


(ˌri rɪˈlis)

v. -leased, -leas•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to release again.
2. something rereleased, as a film.
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While rereleases of the original ``Star Wars'' trilogy and such popular classics as ``ET: The Extra Terrestrial'' and ``Grease'' have had varying degrees of success, box office analyst Brandon Gray wonders what ``Passion'' will be able achieve with its encore.
Cutting out some of the violence seems to be a good way to get publicity for this rerelease,'' said Gray, president of Box Office Mojo.
Still, that reissue's astonishing success has put new life into old films, and - their distributors hope - new momentum into rereleases that were in the works long before the Jedi's spectacular return.
Seeing an opportunity they can't refuse, Paramount Pictures will rerelease Francis Ford Coppola's ``The Godfather'' in major cities starting March 21.
While long planned as a commemoration of the Oscar-winning crime drama's 25th anniversary, the rerelease of ``The Godfather'' - at $133.
It has certainly raised the bar for other rereleases.
Sony Pictures, encouraged by the success of the revamped ``Star Wars,'' is planning a major rerelease this fall of Steven Spielberg's 1977 hit ``Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Sony's Columbia Pictures arm has been awaiting final approval from Spielberg before pushing ahead with the rerelease, tentatively titled ``the Ultimate Edition.
It's not as if we woke up on the Monday morning after the first weekend of `Star Wars,' and decided to rerelease `Close Encounters,' '' he said.
Paramount is planning a limited rerelease of its 1972 hit ``The Godfather'' in 20 markets on March 21.
And Columbia will rerelease a longer version of the German movie ``Das Boot'' on April 4.
There even are plans to rerelease the futuristic classic, ``A Clockwork Orange.