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Full of, characterized by, or inclined to feel indignant ill will.

re·sent′ful·ly adv.
re·sent′ful·ness n.
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The quality or state of feeling bitter:
إسْتِياء، إمْتِعاض


(riˈzent) verb
to feel annoyed about (something) because one thinks it is unfair, insulting etc. I resent his interference in my affairs.
reˈsentful adjective
having or showing such a feeling of annoyance. She feels resentful that her sister married before she did.
reˈsentfully adverb
reˈsentfulness noun
reˈsentment noun
He has a feeling of resentment against the police after the way he was treated by them.
References in classic literature ?
I growled, much less amused now; but by the time I had decided that this remark was not meant for a dig at me he had worked himself into a high state of resentfulness against Falk.
Their resentfulness and their bored, 'couldn't give a s***' attitudes actually paid off in spades.
Rather, as Staten postulates, "we recognize in Homer's story of Achilles both levels of the economics of ressentiment described by Nietzsche, the empirical level at which Achilles suffers an actual injury for which he demands compensation and, behind this, the transcendental level at which the injury of time--Achilles' death sentence, sealed at birth" is ultimately the cause of his resentfulness.
Sharyan Al-Samei, a 25-year-old vaccination worker who worked in Taiz governorate during the latest polio campaigns, said he saw no objection or resentfulness from the locals in Taiz when he surveyed some of its villages.
This change continues to challenge me to love unconditionally, to forgive consistently, and to stay true to my calling rather than succumbing to bitterness and resentfulness.
Nonetheless, improving the access and road infrastructure together with a nice weather can lead to travelers' resentfulness to approach the ski resort given the crowded roads leading to the ski resort (passers-by affluence decreases once there are signs of heavy traffic) and prematurely wearing out the road infrastructure, and hence, the importance of systematically and nonlinearly examining tourism activity.
Every stone built in the Apartheid Wall, every axe strike digging under the Al-Aqsa Mosque and every house destroyed by Israel will increase the intensity of resistance and resentfulness.