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Noun1.residence hall - a college or university building containing living quarters for studentsresidence hall - a college or university building containing living quarters for students
building, edifice - a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; "there was a three-story building on the corner"; "it was an imposing edifice"
hall of residence - a university dormitory
living quarters, quarters - housing available for people to live in; "he found quarters for his family"; "I visited his bachelor quarters"
مَسْكِن الطُلاب في الجامِعَه


(ˈrezidənt) noun
a person who lives or has his home in a particular place. a resident of Edinburgh.
1. living or having one's home in a place. He is now resident abroad.
2. living, having to live, or requiring a person to live, in the place where he works. a resident caretaker.
reside (rəˈzaid) verb
to live or have one's home in a place. He now resides abroad.
ˈresidence noun
1. a person's home, especially the grand house of someone important.
2. the act of living in a place, or the time of this. during his residence in Spain.
ˈresidencyplural ˈresidencies noun
the home of the governor etc in a colony etc.
ˌresiˈdential (-ˈdenʃəl) adjective
1. (of an area of a town etc) containing houses rather than offices, shops etc. This district is mainly residential; a residential neighbourhood/area.
2. requiring a person to live in the place where he works. a residential post.
3. of, concerned with, living in a place.
ˈresidence hall noun
(American dormitory) a building with rooms for university students to live in.
in residence
(especially of someone important) staying in a place, sometimes to perform some official duties. The Queen is in residence here this week.
take up residence
to go and live (in a place, building etc). He has taken up residence in France.
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Will Finance New Energy Efficient Residence Hall Utilizing Innovative Geothermal System
KU Student Housing plans to renovate Corbin Residence Hall, KU s first residence hall, during the 2016-2017 academic calendar year.
Pace University has formally opened 33 Beekman, a 34-story residence hall that is now the tallest college or university residential building in the world.
The other projects are a $28 million residence hall, which will provide suite-style rooms for 550 residents, and a $2.
The 150,000-square-foot residence hall includes a 650-seat glass-front dining hall, named "Pulse on Dining,'' (the POD), overlooking John Coughlin Memorial Field.
an unidentified person called OSU's Department of Public Safety with the threat but didn't identify a specific residence hall, Oregon State Police said.
Minor State University will receive $1 million for campus security measures, while Dickinson State University will get $800,000 to expand and renovate a residence hall and $181,500 for a campus access control system.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A 19-year-old student died following a shooting on Tuesday at a residence hall of a South Carolina university near the resort area of Myrtle Beach, and authorities were searching for a gunman, university officials said.
After integrating EcoSmart technology, the university expects to see annual utility costs for the residence hall closer to $133,470--a 39% cost reduction and savings of $84,141.
With solar panels almost saturating the roofs of the new 12-building residence hall complexes, covering even the shades in the car park, the structures will generate about 15% of their required power from the Sun alone.
The 54,000-square-foot men's residence hall, Riggs-Virden Hall, has 196 beds.
Nutt Hall at Arkansas Tech University at Russellville has been named the 2009-10 residence hall of the year in its region by the National Association of College & University Residence Halls.