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1. Impossible to resist; irresistible: resistless force; resistless love.
2. Powerless to resist; unresisting.

re·sist′less·ly adv.
re·sist′less·ness n.


1. unresisting
2. irresistible
reˈsistlessly adv


(rɪˈzɪst lɪs)

1. irresistible.
2. not resisting.
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Adj.1.resistless - impossible to resist; overpowering; "irresistible (or resistless) impulses"; "what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?"
2.resistless - offering no resistanceresistless - offering no resistance; "resistless hostages"; "No other colony showed such supine, selfish helplessness in allowing her own border citizens to be mercilessly harried"- Theodore Roosevelt
passive, inactive - lacking in energy or will; "Much benevolence of the passive order may be traced to a disinclination to inflict pain upon oneself"- George Meredith
References in classic literature ?
And by alcoholic I mean a man whose chemistry craves alcohol and drives him resistlessly to it.
Had not this man braved him,--steadily, powerfully, resistlessly,--ever since he bought him?
He made as if to repeat the blow, but Tudor, white of face, with arms hanging resistlessly at his sides, offered no defence.