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Possible to resolve; resolvable: resoluble differences in opinion.

[Late Latin resolūbilis, from Latin resolvere, to resolve; see resolve.]

re·sol′u·bil′i·ty n.


(rɪˈzɒljʊbəl; ˈrɛzəl-)
another word for resolvable


(rɪˈzɒl yə bəl, ˈrɛz əl-)

capable of being resolved.
[1595–1605; < Late Latin resolūbilis= Latin resolū-, variant s. of resolvere to resolve + -bilis -ble]
re•sol`u•bil′i•ty, re•sol′u•ble•ness, n.


(riˈsɒl yə bəl)

able to be redissolved.
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Access to Resolubility in oral health for Dental Treatment, Mother's primary care as an instrument for Perception of Oral Health and the evaluation of health systems.
This contributes to overcrowding the service, and hampering the resolubility in basic care services.
Its excellent resolubility allows for clean running, while it's suitable for long press runs and has good rub and scratch resistance.
The inks produced with Joncryl 633-E are fast- drying and show very good resolubility.
Low Mw high acid value polymers are well known in the printing ink industry, where resolubility on a press is one of the key properties.
The lower glycol and cosolvent levels are a significant concern in semi-transparent stains since removing the hydrophilic solvents may give a more hydrophobic film as the stain is drying and might reduce resolubility of the stain.
Washing the cryoprecipitate and checking the resolubility at 37 [degrees]C is recommended to avoid contamination from precipitation of normal serum proteins (6).
They yield higher strength dispersions with better viscosity control and improved resolubility and compatibility, which improves press runability, efficiency, and cost management.
Joncryl FLX 5000-A: Noted for its good resolubility and printability while still having good water and heat resistance, Joncryl FLX 5000-A is used in medium duty surface film printing (LDPE and OPP substrates) in applications like shopping bags and bread bags and also on the outside of PE coated paper applications like paper cups.
Color Resolutions is featuring its CRI Earthflex family of sustainable inks, including Label Plus and Protherm, both providing high color strength and excellent resolubility, as well as UV Label Cure and UV Combo White.
Neutral pH emulsions keep viscosity stable while offering good resolubility, dry speed balance and excellent transfer properties, all of which affect runability.