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It is resoluble and washes up easily with mild anilox cleaners.
The West has never been able to think of a negative not immediately resoluble in "another positivity," a negation not translatable in other from itself--that is, in the indication of the being-there of an other.
The other [recognizes] AIDS is a problem 'with social and political causes and hence in theory resoluble.
Aqualope X inks are 10 percent stronger, more resoluble and control foam more effectively.
Hard water fluid residues will be tacky and less resoluble, affecting, for example, limit switches and machine tool functioning.
Indirect goods and services are those used by businesses internally rather than for processing into resoluble goods or services.
Pertinently, Islamabad's self-deluded mandarins have been painting Siachen along with Sir Creek as two issues easily resoluble.
Recently, due to improvements in the resins used, our inks are more resoluble than ever before," Mr.