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 (rĭ-zôr′sə-nôl′, -nōl′, -nŏl′) also res·or·cin (rĭ-zôr′sĭn)
A white crystalline compound, C6H4(OH)2, with bactericidal, fungicidal, and keratolytic properties, used in the treatment of acne and other skin diseases and as a component of dyes and resin adhesives.


(rɪˈzɔːsɪˌnɒl) or


(Elements & Compounds) a colourless crystalline phenol with a sweet taste, used in making dyes, drugs, resins, and adhesives. Formula: C6H4(OH)2; relative density: 1.27; melting pt: 111°C; boiling pt at 1 atm.: 276°C
[C19: New Latin, from resin + orcinol]
reˈsorcinal adj


(rɪˈzɔr səˌnɔl)

also res•or′cin,

a white, needlelike, water-soluble solid, C6H6O2, used chiefly in making dyes, as a reagent, in tanning, in the synthesis of certain resins, and as a skin medication.
[1880–85; res (in) + orcinol a crystalline compound obtained from orchil (< New Latin orc(ina) or Italian orc(ello) orchil + -in1 + -ol2)]
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Noun1.resorcinol - a crystalline phenol obtained from various resins; used in ointments for acne and in dandruff shampoos
phenol - any of a class of weakly acidic organic compounds; molecule contains one or more hydroxyl groups


n. resorcinol, agente usado en el tratamiento de acné y otras dermatosis.
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Shipments of resorcinol, a raw material for adhesives, and engineering plastics increased due to a rise in demand.
has been awarded a patent for its composition that is comprised of an NF[kappa]B-inhibitor selected from the group consisting of 4-hexyl resorcinol and tetrahydrocurcuminoids; a tropoelastin promoter selected from the group consisting of blackberry extracts and extracts of Phyllanthus niruri; and a cosmetically-acceptable topical carrier.
From the docking conformation, it was also observed that the nitrogen atom of a pyrazole ring and oxygen atom OH groups of resorcinol moiety of compound 8 made interactions with Lys67, Glu124 and Val126 residues of PIM-1.
4-Ethoxymethylene-2-phenyl-2-oxazolin-5-one (oxazolone), 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene, acetaminophen, 3-aminophenol, cinnamic aldehyde, isoeugenol, citral, tetramethylthiuram disulfide, 2-methoxy-4-methylphenol, resorcinol, eugenol, geraniol, cinnamic alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, vanillin, lactic acid, A,A-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide and 4-aminoacetanilide were obtained from Sigma Aldrich (Taufkirchen, Germany), whereas N,N'-bis(4-aminophenyl)-2,5-diamino-1,4-quinone-diimine (Bandrowski's base) was purchased from ICN Biomedicals (Aurora, OH, USA).
The feasibility of applying an innovative process to manufacture composite decking boards with quartersawn or starsawn southern pine lumber bonded with phenol resorcinol formaldehyde (PRF) and polyurethane (PU) adhesives was studied.
RFL is comprised of a mixture of condensed resorcinol, formaldehyde and rubber latex.
Like olive oil, it also contains some vitamin E, along with small quantities of polyphenols such as caffeic acid, oleuropein, catechol and resorcinol.
The constituents of this hair dye include Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) (4%), resorcinol, propylene glycol, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA), sodium, liquid paraffin, cetostearyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate, herbal extracts, preservatives and perfumes.
Superficial chemical peels penetrate only the epidermis; examples include 70% glycolic acid, salicylic acid, 50% resorcinol, Jessner's solution, and trichloroacetic acid 10%-20%.
Wet part (g) RF solution Resorcinol 16 Formaldehyde 7 Sodium hydroxide 1 Water 200 Maturation: 25 [degrees] C, 4 h 224 Final dip solution RF solution 224 Latex 160 Ammonium hydroxide 5 Water 120 Maturation: 25 [degrees] C, 12 h 509 Table 4: Surface functional groups analyzed by XPS of the polyketone/NR composite as thermal aging and humidity aging.
For example, Pekala was the first to obtain organic aerogels by supercritically drying gels, which were made through sol-gel polymerization by using resorcinol (R) and formaldehyde (FA) as precursors [1, 2].