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Adj.1.resourceless - lacking or deficient in natural resources
poor - lacking in specific resources, qualities or substances; "a poor land"; "the area was poor in timber and coal"; "food poor in nutritive value"
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Naqvi said that the purpose of the Bureau was the provision of basic facilities including education, health and economic rehablitation of resourceless, homeless and beggar children.
Significant increase in the number of organizations rendering service in the fields of healthcare, education, rehabilitation of destitute and income generating schemes for resourceless are also fast catching their attention.
He said that government has saved resources of billions of rupees of the province and these are being spent for improving the living standard of resourceless segments.
Such regulations disadvantage "outsiders, latecomers, and [the] resourceless.
Terrorist groups around the world offer the resourceless and powerless identity, meaning, purpose, making them what singer Vin Garbutt once called "trigger happy hooligans with patriot's disease".
Their stare is dignified and resourceless, and recalls those lines of Celan rebuking the lifting of stones and the exposure of those constrained to cower beneath them.
It nevertheless, he maintains, prevented what the scholastic doctors regarded as a greater evil, "namely, the exploitation by the resourceful lender of the resourceless borrower, unprotected by the justice of the market.
33) One is accordingly left resourceless in terms of persuading Rorty in any distinctively philosophical way by appeal to some rational principle he would concede as authoritatively transcending his appetites or preferences.
It is to be valued, like all other races, as a race, not as something to provide resourceless and thought-lazy journalists with guidance as to what might win next year's Classic races.