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Splendid or dazzling in appearance; brilliant.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin resplendēns, resplendent-, present participle of resplendēre, to shine brightly : re-, re- + splendēre, to shine.]

re·splen′dence, re·splen′den·cy n.
re·splen′dent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.resplendently - in an impressively beautiful mannerresplendently - in an impressively beautiful manner; "the Princess was gorgeously dressed"
meî ljóma; glæsilega
parlak/görkemli bir şekilde




(rəˈsplendənt) adjective
very bright or splendid in appearance.
reˈsplendently adverb
reˈsplendence noun
References in classic literature ?
The atmosphere resplendently clear; the sky an intense blue; the profound valleys; the wild broken forms: the heaps of ruins, piled up during the lapse of ages; the bright-coloured rocks, contrasted with the quiet mountains of snow, all these together produced a scene no one could have imagined.
We learn, too, of the influence of Messiaen's life-long study of birdsong, of Greek and Hindu dance rhythms, and Peruvian influences on this composition and others--a truly catholic imagination at work, all finally and resplendently on display in Messiaen's 1983 opera, St.
Resplendently kitted out from top to toe in a red and white cap and gown it all seemed rather fitting.
They don't only sound different, they look a bit different too, or at least their once resplendently bearded frontman does.
We were shown to a table just in front of the kitchen where a pizza oven shone resplendently.
It's as if you had a friend who you used to see in the prime of life and resplendently healthy and you meet him 15 years later and he looks completely disheveled,'' Luc Dardennes said of Seraing in an interview with his brother through a translator.
Second, the Azibo Nosology II resplendently systematizes the disorders from African-centered literature with the Eurasian DSM and ICD nosologies.
The music, written for solo piano, describes a casual promenade among 10 eccentric works by artist Viktor Hartmann, portraying baby chicks performing a ballet while still in their shells, a witch's hut running around on the legs of giant fowl, the Great Gate of Kiev majestically, resplendently closing.
This event apparently allowed for our solar system to arrange itself so resplendently as to allow for Earth and all the wonders it contains to exist.
Remember that creativity also includes taking care of others, which reminds me of a cartoon I used to have on my kitchen wall: A male lion, resplendently maned, says to his comparatively dowdy female, "Shouldn't you be out getting my dinner?
Kwok's boat captain Gavin Brady and a few of the older heads were breaking in a new young Kiwi team, resplendently attired in matching red, and showing plenty of potential.