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v. re·spond·ed, re·spond·ing, re·sponds
1. To make a reply; answer: respond to an email.
2. To act in return or in answer: firefighters responding to a call. See Synonyms at answer.
3. To react to a stimulus or to a treatment, especially in a favorable way: tumors that responded to radiation.
To give as a reply; answer.
n. Architecture
A pilaster or half-pier engaged to a wall and carrying one end of an arch or groin, often at the end of an arcade.

[Middle English responden, from Old French respondre, from Latin respondēre : re-, re- + spondēre, to promise; see spend- in Indo-European roots.]

re·spond′er n.


(rɪˈspɒn dər)

1. a person or thing that responds.
2. the part of a transponder that transmits the reply.
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Noun1.responder - someone who respondsresponder - someone who responds      
communicator - a person who communicates with others
assenter - a person who assents
equivocator, hedger, tergiversator - a respondent who avoids giving a clear direct answer
interviewee - a person who is interviewed
examinee, testee - someone who is tested (as by an intelligence test or an academic examination)


n (Radar) → Antwortbake f, → Responder m (spec)


n respondiente mf; emergency — miembro de un equipo de emergencias; first — primer respondiente
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Currently, a responder with a Zadroga award will receive a small amount upfront with the rest delayed until late 2016 or 2017.
Designed especially for use by first responders in the Bay Area, the new iPhone app, known in the App Store as Responder Incident Report, was developed by MTC in partnership with Monsoon company and staff from Caltrans District 4's Maintenance section and its Transportation Management Center to harness existing technology to promote real-time data sharing from responders at an incident scene.
12) The subsequent response to the calls strained the responder community and locked down traffic throughout the city.
The cutoff included first responder grants as well as money for the Community Oriented Policing Services program, which helps local departments hire, train and equip additional police officers.
If the responder takes the offer, each player receives the agreed-upon amounts; if the responder rejects the offer, both players get nothing.
s new report "First Responder, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement Robots Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016" to their offering.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Thank You First Responder Organization (TYFRO) today announced a joint awareness effort with Stand Strong USA (SSUSA), a non-profit committed to Save Lives + End Bullying, to share with young people the importance of appreciating First Responders during this time of respect and honor to those who gave their lives during the September 11th tragedy.
Future standards for first responder communications and networking will be based on other varieties of wireless technology.
OSHA mandates that the training be based on the duties and functions performed by each responder in a community safety agency.
SAUSD is the largest district in Southern California to install the Rapid Responder crisis management system.
para]]Pioneering Tool to Enhance Responder Communication[[/para]]
com/reports/c48954) has announced the addition of Navigating the Technology Options For First Responder Interoperability (Technology Focus) to their offering.