A coin or medal freshly minted from an original die at a time after the first issue.

re′strike′ v.


vb (tr)
to strike again


(v. riˈstraɪk; n. ˈriˌstraɪk)

v. -struck, -struck -strick•en, -strik•ing, v.t., v.i.
1. to strike again.
2. a coin freshly minted from dies of an earlier issue.
3. a new print made from an old lithographic stone, metal engraving, woodcut, or the like.


An impression taken from a sculptor’s mold at some time after the original edition.
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The DAO Striker On the subject of triggers, the Spectrum has a double-action-only (DAO) striker with restrike capability.
Profiles of the secondary voltage reveal that as the pressure in the chamber increased, there was a correspondingly increased propensity for restrike to occur.
Where we have frequent blackouts, we must look for a lighting system that will have a quick restrike time if power is lost.
Because the trigger doesn't do all of the work getting the hammer ready to fall, if for some reason you pull the trigger and the round doesn't go off, you'll have to cycle the slide, as the Creed does not have a restrike capability.
Traditional technology is either susceptible to vibration and/or requires up to 20 minutes of warm-up time following a restrike.
Restrike capable, the double-action-only trigger has a total travel of 0.
It is precisely engineered for performance today and for 100,000 hours of use, with a virtually maintenance-free design, zero restrike time and lightweight construction.
LEDs also don't have restrike time, adds Jim Brodrick, solid-state lighting technology manager at the U.
The copper plate has survived and the artist authorized a restrike of 30 more, available to art lovers wishing to help the FundaciAaAaAeA
Modeling the restrike mode operation of a DC plasma spray torch, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology 15(4): 524-530.
In the nearby engineering workshop, the sodium bulbs were causing work delays by taking up to 30 minutes to restrike after switching off.